Zhu Zhu Hamster Mr. Squiggles

Mr. Squiggles is light brown and has a white snout and white paws. He looks exactly like a hamster you would get from the pet store and is very popular because of this.

He loves to explore and explore and well I could keep going. Just trust me this one does not sit around long.

Zhu Zhu Hamster Nugget

Zhu Zhu Nugget has a great goldish coat of fur with a white snout and white paws. Like the other Zhu Zhu hamsters she is totally unique in both color, sounds, and behavior.

She loves to daydream and try to find funny shapes in the clouds. She will explore outside any chance she gets.

Zhu Zhu Hamster Winkie

Zhu Zhu Winkie looks like patches but has black patches instead of yellow. He has a black head and sides with white snout, paws, and back.

Winkie likes to take it easy sometimes but not for long! He makes a great addition to both boys and girls.

Zhu Zhu Hamster Jilly

  • Zhu Zhu Jilly is sure to attract any girl to the beautiful pink and white markings on her. She has pink fur but white patches on her snout, back, and her paws. Not only does she look great in pink and white but she has a very merry mood.

She is the leader of the pep squard around town and sure to liven up the room.

Zhu Zhu Hamster Scoodles

  • Zhu Zhu Scoodles has a deep brown fur coat and white patches on his paws and nose. On his back he has a picture of an acorn showing just how much he loves them! He will do whatever it takes to get those tasty acorn treats.

Scoodles is really the adventurous one of the group. He loves to explore and hardly ever sits still.

Scoodles looks like the real thing with his brown fur, he is sure to make anybody happy.