Zhu Zhu Baby Snickle Fritz

Zhu Zhu Baby Snickle Fritz is sooo cute, and what a great name!.

Snickle Fritz is white with light blue ears and paws. Soo sweet! She comes with a light blue bottle, a blue food bowl and a little pink feeding spoon. She has to be my favorite little girl.

Zhu Zhu Baby Pumkin

Zhu Zhu Baby Pumkin is dark blue and has a white snout, white paws, and whiet ears.

Pumkin is adorable and comes with it’s own yellow toy rattle, white bottle, and sweet little blue teddy bear.

Zhu Zhu Baby Peanut

Zhu Zhu Peanut is the daughter of Chunk and Pipsqueak. Her two sisters are Pumkin and Snickle Fritz.

She is yellow and has a white snout, white ears, and white paws. She comes along with a purple toy rattle and a yellow baby bottle.

Zhu Zhu Baby Muffin

Zhu Zhu Muffin is a son of NumNums and Mr. Squiggles. Muffin is the smallest in the family and is a grayish brown color.

Being the baby of the family Muffin comes with a bottle and a little blue carrying case. Such a cutie!

Zhu Zhu Baby Cakes

Zhu Zhu Butter Cakes is a daughter of NumNums and Mr. Squiggles. She is a lavender/pinkish color and soooo cute.

Cakes is totally girly and comes with a mirror and brush just to keep up her looks. The baby hamsters collection are a great addition to your family.

Zhu Zhu Baby Butter Cheeks

Zhu Zhu Butter Cheeks is a son of NumNums and Mr. Squiggles. He is lavender in color and cute as can be.

Butter Cheeks loves to take baths and even comes with his own rubber ducky. Unlike the adult hamsters, the baby hamsters can be brought into the bath to enjoy.

Zhu Zhu Hamster Patches

Patches has white and yellow patches. Basically yellow but with white snout, white paws, and a white back. She also has a daisy flower on her back.

Like each hamster she has her own unique personality and loves to stop and smell the roses…or daisies..or any flower actually.

Zhu Zhu Hamster Pipsqueak

Pipsqueak has a light yellow fur with a white snout and white paws and a white star on her back.

She may be a little smaller but she is a powerhouse full of energy. Full of curiosity and sneakyness she will really make you smile.

Zhu Zhu Hamster Chunk

How could you not love Chunk! He is all white except for his big black eyes and pink nose. He is just so loveable.

He also will not back down from a hug or snuggles. He loves to have attention and affection but let him loose and he is off to explore.

Zhu Zhu Hamster NumNums

NumNums has light gray fur with a white snout and white paws. She also has a lovely heart on her back.

She is the girly girl of the pack. She loves to play dress-up with accessories and costumes and dresses you can find on the internet. She will keep you entertained for hours.